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Become a Member of Boardman’s Network for Board and Management

Boardman Membership is aimed for international executives and board members working in Finland or in Finnish companies.

The network provides business connections, hosts events on relevant topics, organises Board Buddy Program and serves as a platform for sharing expertise.

The network’s main objectives include:

  • connecting international executives with their Finnish counterparts,
  • helping internationals understand Finnish business culture and board practice,
  • increasing the representation of international board members in Finnish companies, and
  • leveraging the expertise of foreign professionals in Finnish business settings.

We expect from all of our members commitment to the network’s values: LEARN-SHARE-RENEW.

You can join our network by completing Boardman’s CG and Board Work in Finland Training or by applying for membership by filling out the application below.

The network fosters business connections, organizes events on current topics, and serves as a platform for sharing expertise.


  • Invitations to Boardman’s English-language webinars, training programs and networking events. Discover upcoming events here.
  • Possibility to apply for the Board Buddy Program. The first program was launched in March 2024. Dive into its atmosphere here.
  • Introduction as a member on Boardman’s website (photo, name and a link to LinkedIn profile).
  • Possible invitations to speak or participate in panels at Boardman events.
  • 20 % discount on participation fees for all additional training after completing Boardman’s Corporate Governance and Board Work in Finland Training.
  • Access to the Boardman’s and Kampin Huippu meeting services according to separate booking terms and pricing.


The annual membership fee is 280 € + VAT 24 %.

Membership is personal, but the fee can be paid by the company.


There are two different ways to become a member.

1. Complete Boardman’s Corporate Governance and Board Work in Finland Training. International business executives who have completed the training are automatically invited to become members.

Read more about CG and Board Work in Finland Training

2. Apply through the link below. What we expect from a member:

  • You are from outside Finland, but work as a business executive or board member in Finland or Finnish companies.
  • You have two positive references from Boardman’s network. Fill their names and companies in the application form.
  • Acceptance into the membership will be confirmed by the Boardman International Membership Working Group.

Apply for Boardman Membership

Get to know International Boardman Members here, and the Working Group behind Boardman Membership here.

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Karoliina Kuhalampi
Project Coordinator

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