Boardman Competence Network

Boardman Competence Network

Boardman is an attractive think tank and competence network that plays a key role in developing and raising the level of expertise in ownership, board work and management (the OBM chain), as well as networking among decision-makers.

Boardman’s mission is to support owners, board members and management teams in their mutual collaboration and decision-making processes.

We create and share new knowledge about relevant and important topics to our members, who represent growth entrepreneurs, owners, board members and executives.

Cornerstones of our activities

Partners and network members form a committed community that is aligned with Boardman’s mission. The members contribute their expertise to member and development forums to develop and share new knowledge.

Boardman organizes events and training, supports research, produces publications and creates assessment tools to support the decision-making of business owners, boards and executives.

The Boardman Competence Network comprises member and development forums at which knowledge is developed and shared to support the decision-making of owners, boards and executives.

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Boardman is owned by more than 60 partners. All partners have extensive and diverse experience in business ownership, board work, business management and academic research in Finland and abroad.

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We offer various training programs to improve board work and ownership expertise and to develop collaboration between owners, board and executives.

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We conduct various board assessments to support the work of owners, boards and management teams. Our assessments enable decision-makers within a company to quickly and efficiently gauge whether the decision-making chain shares a common understanding of the company’s situation.

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We organize numerous events that cover topics related to ownership, board work, leadership and current trends.

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We produce books and publications related to ownership, board work and management (OBM) collaboration and development. (In Finnish)

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Values & Goals

Our values

LEARN. Network members believe that continuous learning is essential, regardless of age or experience. They also have a genuine interest in developing their own skills.

SHARE. Network members are willing to selflessly share their expertise, experiences and lessons learned. Boardman provides diverse opportunities for this in the form of various events and forums.

INNOVATE. Network members are willing to try new things and focus on future opportunities.

Our goals

  • To increase the level of competence in corporate ownership, board work and management teams
  • To develop collaboration between owners, boards and executives
  • To enhance the competence of network members and promote networking opportunities

Continuous learning, sharing and innovating form the foundation of the Boardman Competency Network.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Boardman Ltd comprises Boardman’s partners. The board is responsible for the activities of the Boardman Competence Network, decides on the company’s strategy, and oversees the use of the Boardman brand.

CEO Taru Lindeman serves as board secretary. For more information on current board members, click on the board member’s picture or name below.

Tarja Tikkanen

Boardman Partner, Chairman of Boardman Alumni Board, Member of the Board

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Suvi Johansson

Chairman of Boardman Grow, Member of the Board

Mirel Leino-Haltia

Boardman Partner, Chairman of the Board

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Tuomo Haukkovaara

Boardman partner, Chairman of Boardman Membership, Member of the Board

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Rasmus Nybergh

Boardman Partner, Member of the Board

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Satu Koskinen

Boardman partner, Chair of the Board of Boardman LJT, Member of the Board

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Jussi Pajunen

Boardman Partner, Chairman of Boardman Advisors, Member of the Board

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Further information and inquiries

Taru Lindeman
+358 40 730 3914