Self-Assessment for Boards

Self-Assessment for Boards

A self-assessment helps the board develop its operations towards more effective and purposeful board work.

The self-assessment is designed to evaluate the strategic added value of the board. It helps the board to:

  • Focus on the most critical issues for the company’s success
  • Utilize the diverse expertise of its members
  • Develop its own working methods.

Through the assessment, the board can monitor the development of its work year after year.

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Self-assessments are easy and quick to implement. Responding takes place via an online form, and the result report is delivered a few days after the data collection is completed.

The report is clear and illustrative. It highlights at a glance both the positive aspects and the areas that need improvement for the board to address.

Self-assessments with tailored contents have been developed for companies, municipally owned companies, foundations, associations and universities, and they are suitable for the specific operations of each organization.

The self-assessment is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

The price of the Board of Directors’ Self-Assessment is 2200 € + VAT 24%.


A Boardman expert can provide assistance with interpreting and utilizing the self-assessment results as needed.

Upon agreement, our expert will present the self-assessment results at your board meeting and facilitate the discussion. For this purpose, he/she will have background discussions with the Chairman of the Board and the CEO after the self-assessment is completed.

If you are interested in utilizing our expert to review the results, please contact our Director of Assessment Services, Hanna-Mari Aula.

Further information and inquiries

Hanna-Mari Aula
Director of Assessment Services
+358 40 585 6466