Alumni event: Resilience and Renewal – A holistic view

Alumni event: Resilience and Renewal – A holistic view

Warmly welcome to Boardman Alumni event: “Resilience and renewal – A holistic view” on 14th of Novemver at PwC at 15.00 -17.00!

The event will cover themes of resilience and renewal from the company’s, structures and individuals perspective. Our goal is to offer fresh insights and innovative approaches to owners, board members, and management. During the event, you’ll hear Tiina Neuvonen from UN, who will describe how is future work done in the context of the United Nations, and what does it have to do with resilience. Partner Michael Hardy from PwC will provide valuable insights on succeeding in uncertainty and ensuring business resilience and Resilience Coach Ulrika Björkstam will share insights on helping individuals become more resilient.

The event will be held in a hybrid format. Boardman Alumni members will receive a personal invitation to the event via email.

Experts at the event are:

Tiina Neuvonen – Lead, Strategic Foresight, UN Global Pulse

Tiina Neuvonen is an international development innovation professional combining an understanding of people, technology and futures. After having served the United Nations in several roles in New York, and in East-Africa, she now works as a Strategic Foresight Lead at the United Nations Global Pulse – the UN Secretary-General’s innovation lab. The core task for her team is to catalyse the UN transfomation and build organisational resilience through incorporating foresight and futures thinking in the workings of the UN system.




Ulrika Björkstam – Resilience Coach

Ulrika Björkstam works as a Resilience Coach and Keynote Speaker at GoodCo. In her work she combines the best of coaching with her background in futures thinking. By combining these two she coaches people to become more resilient, lead a better life in the present as well as help them to create a desired future for themselves.






Michael Hardy – Partner at PwC

Michael Hardy is a PwC Deals and Restructuring Partner. He supports companies in distress, conducts independent business reviews for shareholders or lenders and advises on the range of options open to the various stakeholders in restructuring situations.






More information: Taina Brandstack, or +358 440199553.