Aija Bärlund

Aija Bärlund

Boardman partner

Aija Bärlund

Professional history and board experience

Business development, growth, internationalization and strategic sustainability are the focus areas of Aija Bärlund’s work. During her career she has consulted Finnish companies in internationalization and in strengthening their positions on the global markets. Bärlund has solid experience in leading business transformation. Together with strategic foresight, industry teams and customers she has built entirely new export industries for Finland.

Bärlund has extensive experience in consulting SME’s and listed companies, startups, public sector organizations and associations. Within management consulting she has experience in developing executive team and board work, foresight, business scenarios and strategies, service, innovation and business development, internationalization, market and competitor intelligence, brands and sustainability.

Bärlund has board and advisory experience in the following industries: management consulting (strategy, sustainability and brands), climate change, education and insurance.

Bärlund is Member of the Growth and International Affairs Committee of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises and Board Member of the Espoo Enterprises. She also works at the Design from Finland Committee of The Association for Finnish Work, and in the Boards Impact Forum, Nordic Chapter of the Climate Governance Initiative in cooperation with World Economic Forum.

Education and knowledge

  • Cross Boarder Digital Strategy Mentoring Program, European Commission and European Women on Boards
  • Stock Exchange Training (365 päivässä pörssiin), Nasdaq Helsinki and Suomen Yrittäjät
  • C-level School, European Commission and European Women on Boards
  • MBA, International Business, Helsinki School of Economics
  • Fintra, Diploma in Intenational Marketing Management
  • Coach, Finnish Coaching Association


  • ESG Guide for boards and management, Bärlund, Juslin, Puukkoniemi, Tauciuc, Valtasola, 2023 Boardman
  • Responsible Board Member, Bärlund, Sipilä, 2023 Chamber of Commerce
  • Climate Reformers – Towards a Cleaner World and Better Business, Perko, Bärlund, 2022 Alma Talent
  • Municipalities in Shape / Kunnat kuntoon, Maury, Loukomies, Bärlund, 2017 Kiss Publishing
  • Sustainable Leadership – A New Necessity for Business / Kestävä johtajuus – Bisneksen uusi elinehto, Bärlund, Perko, 2013 Talentum
  • Winning Management Teams / Voittajajohtoryhmät – seitsemän askelta tulevaisuuden menestyjäksi, Åhman, Bärlund, Vatanen, 2007 WsoyPRO
  • The Future of Finnish Leadership / Suomalaisen johtamisen tulevaisuus, Åhman, Bärlund, 2005 Hunting Minds

Activities in Boardman

  • Boardman Sustainability Forum 2020 –
  • Assessment Tools Development Team, 2019 –
  • Brand Compass Forum, 2014 – 2022
  • Boardman Alumnus Network, 2015 –
  • Management Research Network (Liikkeenjohdollinen Tutkimusryhmä) 2014 –


  • Business development and internationalization
  • Management team and board work
  • Ownership, board and management assessment
  • Strategy, foresight and scenarios
  • Brands, company value creation
  • Strategic sustainability

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