Antti Hannula

Antti Hannula

Boardman partner

Antti Hannula

Professional history and Board experience

Lawyer, Partner, MBA and eMBA Antti Hannula has been a capital investor especially in ICT sector for over 10 years, in Nexit Ventures Ltd. (founding partner), in Novestia Plc. and Sitra. Since 2004 Hannula has worked as a lawyer in Nordia Ltd, a Nordic legal services’ company, and its preceding companies. He’s expertee lies in advanced corporate law, ownership issues and board work.

Hannula has worked for five years as a corporation lawyer Oracle Finland Ltd. and three years in media field in the 1980´s. Furthermore, he has written 30 books about ownership, board work, foundation law, IT agreements and corporate law.

Hannula has acted as a Chairman, Member or Deputy Member in approximately 40 growth companies, inter alia Technopolis Plc, Orbis Systems Ltd, Orbis Ltd, Tietovalta Plc, Aldata Plc, Kielikone Ltd, Neuromag Ltd and Medifin Healthcare Ltd.

Hannula has also acted in the Board of the Santa Claus Foundation. Finnish Shooting Sport Foundation, Bulevardin Teatteriyhdistys association and as an investor in many growth companies and real estate companies.

Activities in Boardman

  • Member of the Board, Boardman Ltd. 2006-2007
  • Member of the Nomination Committee, Boardman Ltd. 2002
  • Chairman of the Development Forum “Development of Ownership” , 2009
  • Publications: Hallituksen huomio horisonttiin (2009), Yrittäjä, yritys ja talouden hallinta (’Entrepreneur, Company and Finances management’, 2006), Omistajuuden kehittäminen (’Development of Ownership’, 2005) and a co-writer of Hallituksen järjestäytyminen & Corporate Governance -manual 2016 (´Board Organization & Corporate Governance´)
  • Speaker of “Ownership and Board work” training program


  • Ownership
  • Venture capital and private investments
  • Partnership agreements
  • shareholder agreements
  • Corporate arrangements
  • Technology agreements
  • Immaterial rights
  • Conflicts
  • Foundations and associations

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