Arto Tenhunen

Arto Tenhunen

Boardman partner

Arto Tenhunen

Professional history and Board experience

M.Sc. (Economics) Arto Tenhunen has led businesses and participated in board work in several growth companies as well as an expert of communications and e-business of large and public sector companies since 1981. His main duty is being CEO for Soprano Plc., company listed in the NASDAQ OMX stock exchange. In January 2009 Tenhunen was appointed by Minister of Communications Suvi Lindén as Director of Revival program of Communications and e-business.

From the beginning of 1980s, Tenhunen has acted in boards of over 20 companies and organizations. He is especially interested in active development of the board work towards supporting the long-term performance of the management as well as concentrating in the interests of the owners. Tenhunen has many years of experience in board activities of listed companies.


  • Crisis communications
  • Developing communications, new communications opportunities
  • E-business
  • Image managing as part of strategic management

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