J.T. Bergqvist

J.T. Bergqvist

Boardman partner

J.T. Bergqvist

Professional history and Board Experience

D.Sc. (Tech, 1987) J.T. Bergqvist worked for over 20 years for Nokia in numerous leading positions in research, sales and marketing, as well as business units until 2005. He lead all the global business units of Nokia Networks and was a member of Nokia’s Board of Directors in 2002-2005.

In his earlier years, Bergqvist worked at Helsinki University of Technology as Teaching Assistant in Applied Mathematics and Lector in Computer Science, as well as Associate Professor in Data Processing in the School of Economics.

Nowadays, he acts as a Chairman of the board of Technology Industry 100th Anniversary Foundation, which supports world-class research and school path development projects.

Bergqvist currently chairs the boards of several technology companies operating in or targeting global markets and is an advisor to the private equity firm Intera Partners. In his board work, he is particularly interested in the effective working interface between the board and executive management at different stages of a company’s development.

Activities in Boardman

  • Publication: Hallitus vai toimitusjohtaja (‘Board or CEO’, 2007)


  • Growth and market strategies
  • Partnership strategies
  • Technology strategies
  • Internationalization
  • Inspiring and motivating teams

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