Jorma Wiitakorpi

Jorma Wiitakorpi

Boardman partner

Jorma Wiitakorpi

Professional history and Board experience

M.Sc. in Engineering (Industrial Engineering and Management, 1982) and IFL Management (1987) Jorma Wiitakorpi has occupied various management positions in manufacturing industry since 1984: Customer Service Manager, Partek, insulator branch 1984; Division Director, Partrans 1985-1986; CEO, Isora Ltd. 1987-1990; CEO, Uporef Ltd. 1990-1992; CEO, Asko Appliances Ltd. 1993-2000; CEO, Patria Plc. 2001-2008.

During the past 15 years Wiitakorpi has been Chairman or Member of the board in more than 10 companies and their affiliates. These companies’ manufacturing has mainly located in Scandinavia, but their other operations and business activities are global. Wiitakorpi also plays and active role in different industrial associations.

Activities in Boardman

  • Chairman of the Development Forum “Role of Personal in Decisin-Making”, 2017-


  • Building and implementing common group strategy and operation model for the units, which before that functioned as separate entities
  • Implementing of concrete change processes in companies, which at the same time needed significant profit improvement
  • International marketing experienceboth in consumer goods and industrial goods
  • Processes of selling and acquiring businesses
  • Business experience in so called “countries of old East-Europe”

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