Kari Kasanen

Kari Kasanen

Boardman partner

Kari Kasanen

Professional history and Board experience

Kari Kasanen has operated as a strategy and development expert in corporate management and public sector for over 40 years. He has a long history of entrepreneurship and management in various service companies, such as Valmennuskeskus, Talent Vectia and Calliola, a seminar and meeting center owned by him.

Kasanen founded Talent Partners Group in 2000, operated as Business Manager in Swedish WM-Data concern in 1997-2000, and as CEO in Kasanen Koulutusyhtiöt (Training corporation) in 1992-1997 and in BTC BrainTrain AG in Switzerland in 1982-88. Kasanen lead the founding process of Ministry of the Employment and the Economy in 2007 with ministers Mauri Pekkarinen and Tarja Cronberg.

Kasanen has worked as an expert and responsible project manager in various corporate development processes in A-katsaus, YLE, VR Concern, Nets, Finavia, Telia, Veikkaus, S-ryhmä, Sanoma, Finnish Commerce Federation and Pharma Industry Finland, inter alia. He’s published tens of articles in publications such as Human Capital, different companies’ customer magazines and financial media.

Kasanen acts as the Chairman of Board in Valmennuskeskus Ltd, Cognimed Puheterapia Ltd, Viope Education Ltd and as a Member of the Board in tech company Schoolday Helsinki Ltd.

He has hold a Board member positions in Talent Partner Ltd (2000-2015) and Royal Restaurants Ltd (since 2008) and Ensto Ltd.

Activities in boardman

  • Member of the Board of Liikkeenjohdollinen Tutkimusryhmä (LJT) ´Management Study & Research Group` 2017-2018
  • Chairman of the Board of Liikkeenjohdollinen Tutkimusryhmä (LJT) ´Management Study & Research Group` 2018-2019


  • Challenging change and renewing processes
  • Strategy and corporate structure arrangements
  • Management arrangements and performance management
  • Executive team development
  • Leadership development
  • Value and corporate culture development
  • Social media and e-learning

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