Kari Österlund

Kari Österlund

Kari Österlund

Professional history and Board experience

LL.M. (1969) Kari Österlund has acted for 30 years in companies’ management and expert positions as well as an independent entrepreneur. Österlund began his career as a lawyer, after which he went to the Ministry of Finance. Those tasks included the international capital markets, state guarantees and managing the issues of the Wordl Bank group. Later, has occupied for almost a decade the position of Vice President of  the Industrialization Fund, after which the CEO position in tourism and travelling companies (Rantasipi Ltd., Hassen Matkat Ltd. and Oy Star Four Fritidsresor Ab). Nowadays, is Senior Advisor at Capman.

Österlund has participated in companies’ board activities for over 20 years, mainly in hotel and catering industry and numerous tourism companies. He’s Chairman of the Board in many boards.

Activities in Boardman

  • Founding Partner of Boardman Ltd.
  • Member of Boardman´s Board of Directors, 2002-2003


  • Capital investment and markets
  • Family entrepreneurship
  • Tourism
  • Hotel and restaurant sectors
  • Resource and HR services