Lauri Ratia

Lauri Ratia

Boardman partner

Lauri Ratia

Professional history and Board experience

M.Sc. in Engineering, Lauri Ratia has over 50 years of experience in paper, engineering, electronics and construction material industries, in companies like Stora Enso, UPM Kymmene, Nokia, Kone and Lohja Rudus, in which worked as CEO in 1994-2007. Since 2007, Ratia has been active in many different board positions including VR. Sponda, Paroc and Stockmann. Ratia has been involved in saving for example, Turku Shipyard, Terrafame and Stockmann and currently he serves as Chairman of the Board of Terrafame Ltd.

Ratia has been involved in many M&A’s and integration processes in Finland and abroad. The range of executed M&A’s is wide: the industries and company sizes have varied from small supplementary acquisitions to large international mergers. Ratia operated as venture capitalist in the beginning of the 90’s and has ever since been involved in many advisory roles in different projects.

Ratia has held active board positions from the end of the 80’s. Since 2000 he’s acted in boards of seven different publicly listed company and fifteen limited companies owned by the state, institutions, venture capitalists or families. He’s acted as Chairman in eight of these companies. Ratia is widely experienced in leading and implementing strategic changes and working in Audit and Compensation Committees.


  • Change management
  • Corporate strategies
  • International B2B sales
  • Internationalization
  • Company arrangements

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