Lauri Rosendahl

Lauri Rosendahl

Boardman partner

Lauri Rosendahl

Professional History and Board Experience

Since 2016, Lauri Rosendahl has served as Chairman of the Board of four Nasdaq Nordic exchanges – Helsinki, Copenhagen, Iceland and Oslo (Commodity Exchange).

Since 2016, Lauri has been the President and CEO of Nasdaq Stockholm (Stockholm Stock Exchange) and in 2016-2019 he was the President and CEO of Nasdaq Nordic. As a Business Area Manager, Lauri was responsible for trading Nasdaq’s European equities and its derivatives (2013-2020). He has also been a member of the Nasdaq Inc. (NDAQ) Extended Management Team (2013-2020). Lauri Rosendahl served as the President of Helsinki Stock Exchange since 5/2009 until 3/2016.

Rosendahl has had an active role in developing and promoting investment research in Finland, contributed to the listings on the stock market and First North, as well fostering sustainable development and corporate responsibility reporting. Additionally to having international management experience on the stock exchange, he is well versed in the establishment of investment banks and their change / turnaround management.

Current board of director’s positions

Supervisory Board member, European Central Counterparty N.V. (EuroCCP) 2014 -, and Chairman of the Remuneration Committee 2015 – , Securities Market Association (AMY), from 2009 to 2016, the Helsinki Stock Exchange Listing Committee 2009-2016, as well as Chairman of the Board of Nasdaq Group’s internal Board of Directors at: Nasdaq Copenhagen, Helsinki Nasdaq, Nasdaq Iceland, Nasdaq Oslo.

Activities in Boardman

  • Member of the Development Forum “Ownership and Board Work in Listed Companies, 2016-2017


  • Capital markets, stock exchange, stock exchange listing and its regulatory processes
  • Own equity financing, investment research, investor and crisis communications, equities trading, mergers and acquisitions
  • Management of strategic change and the context of the renewal process in multicultural organizations, customer-oriented business development

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