Marcus Herold

Marcus Herold

Boardman partner

Marcus Herold

Professional history and Board Experience

Background in Economist studies at Hanken School of Economics, founder Marcus Herold operates as the Chairman of Board in MPS Entreprises. Herold also participates actively in recruiting, coaching and developing members of top management, CEOs and members of Boards. He has a versatile and also international experience in developing leadership, working methods in executive groups and boards as well as change management. He has been an entrepreneur for over 30 yearda leading the international organization of MPS. During his career, he has also been active in leading structures of a global company specialized in services of change and career development.

Herold has worked in boards of approximately 10 different comapnies and organizations. He specializes in management processes of boards, as well as in recruiting, coaching and deleloping members of boards. Herold has given lectures on the working processes of boards, especially in the field of liability allocation and authority power between the operational management and board.

Activities in Boardman

  • Speaker of “Ownership and Board work” training program
  • Publications: Hallitus vai toimitusjohtaja (‘Board or CEO’, 2007), Kasvun haasteet – kasvuyritysten rakentaminen ja hallinta (’The challenges of Growth – building and managing growth companies’, 2007)


  • Management and board members headhunting
  • Executive Coaching
  • Companies value and management processes
  • Evaluating and developing performance of management team
  • Evaluating and developing performance of board
  • Developing organizations and change management
  • HR strategy as part of business management
  • Management Due Diligence

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