Marjo Miettinen

Marjo Miettinen

Marjo Miettinen

Professional History and Board work Experience

Marjo Miettinen, KM, is the Chairman of Ensto Oy’s and Ensto Invest Oy´s Board of Directors and Member of the Board of EM Group Oy and an Owner of these family companies.

In addition, she is a Chaiman of Federation of Finnish Technology Industries and The Foundation of the Confideration of Finnish Industry and Employers (TT) and a board member of several Finnish companies, such as Technology Academy Finland (TAF), the Finnish Business Council (EVA), Economic Research (ETLA) and Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK).

Miettinen is also member of the Board of Solidium and P2X Solution and Boardman partner.

She has been elected as a member of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Research and Innovation Council (TIN).

She is also one of the founding members of the Women in Tech Network. Women in Tech Finland aims to encourage more women in technology.

Activities in Boardman

  • Member of the Development Forum “Role of the Personel in Desicion-Making”, 2017


  • Family companies
  • Boardwork and ownership
  • Education and work life issues