Marketta Kokkonen

Marketta Kokkonen

Boardman partner, Advisors Network Board Member

Marketta Kokkonen

Professional history and board experience

M.A., Dr. h.c. Marketta Kokkonen has extensive professional experience, in all over 40 years. She spent a decade in the private sector, mostly in the banking business. Some 30 years she spent in the local government: 20 years in managing positions at Vihti and then 15 years as the city manager of Espoo. She has occupied several positions of trust and in 2008 she received the title of kaupunkineuvos from the president of Finland.

Kokkonen has extensive experience in board work in companies, foundations and associations. After she retired from the position of city manager of Espoo in 2011, she has worked as a board professional in several companies:

  • Boardman, Board member 2020-
  • Kaisa Kallio Foundation, Chairman of the Board 2011-2018
  • Solidium Oy, Board member 2009-2015
  • Finnish Consulting Group Oy, Board member, 2005-2016
  • The Finnish Association for the Development of Vocational Education and Training AMKE, Chairman of the Board 2011-2016
  • Director’s Institute Finland, Board member 2014-2016
  • Organ Night & Aria Festival Association, Chairman of the Board 2016-

Activities in Boardman

  • Boardman, Board member 2020-
  • Boardman Advisors, Board member 2012-
  • Within the Boardman Advisors, Kokkonen has especially developed the ownership and board work competences of government-owned limited companies (Ltd.)


  • Municipality Management and Civic Administration