Markku Laine

Markku Laine

Boardman partner

Markku Laine

Professional history and Board experience

Markku Laine, Master of Jurisprudence, has been bank and corporate lawyer since 1968, working among other places in Helsingin Osakepankki (Share Bank of Helsinki) as a real estate attorney and head of district, in Suomen Yhdyspankki (Union Bank of Finland) as a Director of Real Estate Investment Services and a Director of Risk Management Operations.

Nowadays, Laine works as the consulting lawyer for Financial Lawyers Ltd. (Talousjuristit Oy). He is also Chairman of Board, board member or expert lawyer in several companies and foundations.


  • Corporate structural and financial arrangements
  • Corporate acquisitions
  • Investment activities
  • Handling and managing companies’ crisis situations

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