Osmo Soininvaara

Osmo Soininvaara

Osmo Soininvaara

Professional history and Board experience

Osmo Soininvaara first had a University career where after he became a politician for the city of Helsinki, having been involved for 20 years in parliament and two years as a social services minister. Currently he is self-employed as the sole owner of Tietokeino Oy through which he sells his own knowledge and experience.

He is a part of the Finnish Hollming Group BMH Technology’s Board of Directors, as well as Helen Oy’s Board of Directors, as well as Finnvera Oy’s Board of Directors.

Soininvaara is the vice-chairman of the board for Helsinki city’s town planning committee and is well versed in urban policy and the economic significance of urban growth as a driving force for the economy.

Activities in Boardman

  • Member of Board of “Management Study and Research Group”
  • Lecturer at the Kaamos Forum


  • Social influence
  • City policies and their significance for the economy
  • The activities of public organizations
  • Waste management technology
  • Energy economics
  • Climate issues