Petra Thorén

Petra Thorén

Boardman partner

Petra Thorén


Petra Thorén is a business-oriented professional with diverse experience in investment banking, construction and real estate, retail, sales and consulting. Thorén has many years of experience as Managing Director, Partner and working in management teams of listed companies on the Helsinki and Oslo stock exchanges. He has held positions such as CEO of Vingruppen, Development Director at Anora, Partner at Kreab and CEO of Miltton Markets, Investor Relations Director at YIT and Analyst at the investment bank Mandatum.

Petra Thorén is a member of the Board and the Audit Committee of Kreate Group Oyj, a member of the Board of Kisakalliosäätiö and the Board of Urheilijoiden Ammattienedistämissäätiö. Thorén is a member of the DIF. Thorén has previously served as a member of the Board, Audit Committee and Finance Committee of Keliber, as a member of the Board of AAC Global, as Chairman of the Board of Social Wines Oy, Vinunic Oy, Oy Vinum Import Ab, Wineworld Finland Oy and Brews4U Oy, and as a member of the Board of Vingruppen Oy.

Thorén has a solid experience and deep understanding of finance, M&A, IPOs, sales and customer value, strategic communications and investor relations.

Petra Thorén graduated from Hanken with a major in finance and minors in accounting and French. Ms Thorén has a postgraduate degree in finance and accounting from Hanken.


  • Board member of Boardman Alumni 11/2022-
  • Member of the Brand Compass Steering Committee 2013- 2019
  • Member of the Editorial Board working group 2020-2022


  • Transformation and change management
  • Mergers and integrations
  • Listings
  • Sales and strategic communications
  • Investor relations
  • Corporate Governance. Accredited advisor to the First North Finland marketplace. Licensor: Nasdaq Helsinki Oy, Market Surveillance