Tapio Aaltonen

Tapio Aaltonen

Member of Boardman Advisors Board

Tapio Aaltonen

Professional history and Board experience

MSc of Theology Tapio Aaltonen has studied both psychology and philosophy, and has served in management level positions in organisations for his entire professional career. He started in the third sector in Finland, Sweden and other international posts, and later became an entrepreneur. Aaltonen founded Novetos Ltd., a management consulting company, in 1997. He has also worked as Journalist and Editor-in-Chief (Sana) and has played an active part in Finnish Business Society since it was founded. During his active years as an entrepreneur, he served as a lecturer, facilitator of value discussions, executive team coach, and leader coach.

Aaltonen has written 15 books on leadership, including “Company Values and Ethics” (& Junkkari, WSOY 1999), which won the Pro Oeconomia Award. His most recent award-winning book is “Lead Meaning” (& Ahonen & Sahimaa, Alma Talent 2020). Other books that cover similar themes include “The Importance of Meaning” (& Ahonen & Pajunen, Auditorium 2015) and “Vocation Leader” (& Kirjavainen & Pitkänen, Talentum 2014). In addition, he is a diligent blogger (Eetosta ja paatosta -blogi). During his retirement years, he continues to share his experiences as a coach and trainer. His lifelong hobby has been music, particularly classical solo singing.

Aaltonien served as the Chairman of the Board of Novetos Ltd until 2013. He has served as a Board Member for companies such as Boardman Ltd, Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission, Karas-Sana Oy, and HelsinkiMissio, where he held the position of Chairman most recently.

Activities in Boardman

  • Member of the Board, Boardman Ltd., 2011–2014
  • Chairman of “Diversity in Board work” development forum, 2012
  • Member of “Values and Ethics in Board work” forum, 2009–2010
  • Chairman of “Mediation in the decision-making chain” development forum, 2009–2010
  • Speaker of “Ownership and Board work” training program
  • Lecturing at seminars
  • Publications: Diversity in Board Work and Steering Organizations (2012), Ethics and Responsibility as an asset in leadership (in book: Hallituksen huomio horisonttiin, 2009)


  • Leadership and leadership development
  • Corporate and management values and ethics
  • Theological and ecclesiastical themes
  • Conflict mediation, crisis management
  • Development of executive boards’ and board practices
  • Executive coaching
  • Facilitating methods
  • Writing

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