Tarja Pääkkönen

Tarja Pääkkönen

Boardman partner

Tarja Pääkkönen

Professional history and Board experience

Doctorate of business strategies and doctor of technology Tarja Pääkkönen is an expert in international business, brand strategies and sales.

Pääkkönen has years of experience in both the listed companies ‘and growth companies’ board work, among others: SATO, FIRA, Panostaja, Marimekko, OLV, Helsinki University Group, Qentinel, Flexim Security, Sundukan, Spinvers, Gapps Group and Idean.

In 2012, she was the first female chair of the startup delegation organized by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs during a visit to the USA, New York and Palo Alto, in cooperation with Slush. In addition, she has worked for several years as a member of the “CTO of the Year” Award for Innovation Award organized by TEKES and Spinvers. She also has several patent and application related to digital innovations.

Between 1995-2004, Pääkkönen worked at Nokia where she was involved in numerous Senior Vice President management level positions in Europe, the USA and Japan as well as being a member of the executive team for Nokia Mobile Phones division led by Matti Alahuhta. She has also experience from state-owned companies, for 2004-2010 she worked at Itella as a Member of the Executive Board and as the Group’s Sales and Marketing Business Unit Director were she was also responsible for developing Itella’s online commerce business.

In Boardman, she chairs the Brand Compass Development Forum, which has developed a first digital tool for brand evaluation of corporate governments and the highly popular STUDIO Brand Compass concept.


  • Member of Boardman´s Board of Directors, 2011-2014
  • Chairman of the Brand Compass Steering Group, 2012-
  • Chairman of STUDIO Brand Compass, 2012-
  • Member of the Steering Group “Boardman2020 Sales Board”, 2010-2012
  • Boardman Partner of the Year Recognition, 2011
  • Publications: Vallan Tasapaino, 2010

Special know-how

  • Company and growth strategies
  • Change management
  • Digital processes and innovations
  • Brand strategies
  • Sales and Marketing processes

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