Tarja Tikkanen

Tarja Tikkanen

Boardman partner

Tarja Tikkanen


Tarja Tikkanen has a law degree (LL.M, Vice Judge) from the University of Helsinki. She has completed HHJ and TMA degrees. She has also participated in Boardman’s Ownership and Board Work -training, which brought a lot of new contacts and further increased Tikkanen’s understanding of board work.

Tikkanen has worked for a long time in various management positions at the financial sector in Nordea and its predecessors, as well as in Finnvera. In addition, she has management experience from foundations and academic world. According to Tikkanen, interest in change management and in people has taken her to various organizations and operating environments.

Currently, Tikkanen is the Chairman of the Board of KPY Group and KPY Novapolis. In addition, she is a member of the Boards of Savon Voima and Savon Energiaholding Oy.

In recent years, she has made a special efforts in developing cooperation between owner-board-management and operating methods at Osuuskunta KPY.

Mentoring is also one of Tikkanen’s sources of enthusiasm. She is currently completing NeemoCoach training which develops leadership and organizations through conceptual photography.


  • Cooperation between owners-board-management
  • Strategy
  • Managing the change and developing personnel’s know-how

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