Timo Lappi

Timo Lappi

Boardman partner

Timo Lappi

Professional history and Board experience

Timo Lappi holds a PhD (University of Helsinki, 1999) and a Master of Laws (Helsinki School of Economics, 2002).He is a growth entrepreneur and business-oriented lawyer who started his career as a lawyer before becoming a growth entrepreneur at the start-up law firm Fondia in 2006.

As a growth entrepreneur, Timo has been involved in building two challenger companies, both of which he has served as CEO during their rapid growth phase. Fondia Plc has grown into the first international legal services company listed in the Nordic countries, while Heltti Oy already employs 200 people, providing occupational health and therapy services.

Timo believes that companies need different leadership at different stages, which is why he has moved from CEO and entrepreneur to owner in both companies, currently serving as Chairman of the Board of Heltti and Board Member of Fondia, and also continuing as one of the main owners of both companies.

Timo also serves as Chairman of the Board of Witted Megacorp Oyj, Hellon Oy and Nordic Business Group Oy. Timo has gained experience in listed companies by acting as chairman of the general meetings and chairman, member and secretary of the boards of directors, advising these companies on good corporate governance, risk management and securities market legislation.

Timo is a frequent and inspiring speaker on topics related to growth entrepreneurship, strategy, new business models, modern board work, leadership and legal issues.

Activities in Boardman

  • Member of BoardmanĀ“s Board of Directors , 2012-2014, and Vice Chairman 2013-2014
  • Boardman Partner since 2012
  • Chairman of the Boardman 2020 Board, 2011-2013


  • Growth entrepreneurship and management
  • Good governance and risk management
  • Company structures and funding rounds
  • Legal matters

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