Tuomas Auvinen

Tuomas Auvinen

Boardman partner

Tuomas Auvinen

Professional History and Board Experience

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D., City University London), EMBA, Tuomas Auvinen has built his career in the field of creativity and cultural leadership. He has worked as the CEO of The Association of Finnish Theatres, Administrative Director of the Finnish National Theatre and as the Principal and Dean of the Sibelius Academy. Currently Tuomas Auvinen is Dean of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture. In addition, Auvinen has extensive experience in creative leadership training and consultancy through his company Creader Oy and Aalto EE’s EMBA and JOKO programs.

Auvinen has held a number of chairman and board member positions in cultural and creative industries companies. Currently his main board roles are in the Helsinki Music Centre Ltd and the Sibelius Academy Foundation.

Activities in Boardman

  • Member of the development forum “The role of personel in decision-making”
  • Member of the Boardman LJT forum
  • Completed Boardmans Ownership and Board Work training porgram


  • Leadership of creative and knowledge based work
  • Management of creative luminaries and creative organizations
  • Innovative culture creation
  • Public sector management and board work
  • Change management

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