CG and Board Work in Finland -training program

Corporate Governance and Board Work in Finland -training program

Corporate Governance and Board Work in Finland -training is a great choice whether you aspire to be on a board or have sat on a corporate board for decades. Training is aimed for international executive and management board members working in Finland or in Finnish companies.

Board work best practices can change from one country to another. We want to offer you the latest knowledge, real life board work experiences and networking opportunities with executive leaders in Finland.

Corporate Governance and Board Work in Finland -training is an intensive and interactive course that can be attended online from your preferred location. During the training modules the attendees can discuss, challenge, and deepen their information about Nordic corporate governance and board work as well as on cooperation practices between the board and management. The course offers also a great opportunity to network with other board professionals in Finland.

The lecturers are top-level specialists of their field with wide experience and know-how on board work and managing variety of large and midsized companies operating internationally. Our specialists in the training are Manne Airaksinen, Riku Asikainen, Lorry Jo Cross, Sirpa Juutinen, Mirel Leino-Haltia, Juha Peltola, Laura Raitio, Janne Rajalahti, Willem Schoeber, Peter Therman, Matti Vikkula and many others.

Program fee: 1200 € +vat / module per person.

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Module 3: Financial Reporting, Board Committees and Risk Management

September 9th, 2021 at 17-20 (Finnish time)

Financial Reporting and the Board
Janne Rajalahti
, Partner, PwC

  • KPI’s in financial reporting
  • Co-operation with auditors
  • Role of the Audit Committee

Risk Management
Mirel Leino-Haltia
, Partner, Boardman

  • Internal Control and Internal Audit
  • Risk Management in Board agenda

ESG & Sustainability Questions
Sirpa Juutinen
, Partner, PwC

  • Current sustainability trends
  • What is the role of Board of Directors in sustainability

Board and management remuneration practices in Finland
Samuli Sistonen
, Reward Agency

  • Succession planning
  • Board and management remuneration practices
  • Board Committees

Fireside ChatShareholders’ Nomination Board and Nomination committee issues
Petter Söderström, Investment Director, Solidium & Member of the Nomination Board SSAB and TietoEvry and Philip Aminoff, Chairman of the Board of Helvar Merca and Helectron and Vice Chairman of the Board of Veho, Helvar, Fastems and Electrosonic.

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Previous modules

Module 1 – Nordic Corporate Governance and Business Culture

May 20th, 2021 at 17-20 (Finnish time)

Moderator Taru Lindeman, Managing Director Boardman
Riku Asikainen, Board member, Boardman Alumni

  • Welcome words
  • Participant introductions
  • Opening discussion on Nordic Board Work experiences

Nordic Corporate Governance and Companies Act in Finland
Manne Airaksinen, Senior Advisor, Roschier

  • Nordic Corporate governance model vs other models
  • General principles of the Companies Act (CA) in Finland
  • Finnish corporate governance code for listed companies
  • Duties and liabilities of GM, Board and Management

Experiences of the Finnish Business Culture from Different Board Perspectives
Laura Raitio, Chair of the Board, Boardman
Willem Schoeber, Non-Executive Director (Previously, Board member in Neste Corporation)
Lori Jo Cross, Non-Executive Board Director of Fastems and Electrosonic

  • Board work in practice in Finland
  • Finnish specialties; Communication styles, the role of the employees and trade unions in decision making in Finland, Board and management compensation levels in Finland

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Module 2: Board Work Practices

June 10th, 2021 at 17-20 (Finnish time)

Board Agenda and Working Practices
Matti Vikkula
, Partner, Boardman

  • Board agenda and Formation and organization of the Board work
  • Different working models for the BoD

Board work in different types of companies
Riku Asikainen,
Board member, Boardman Alumni
Peter Therman, Partner, Boardman
Juha Peltola, Managing Partner, Vaaka Partners

  • Family companies
  • Private Equity
  • Listed Companies

Co-operation and Strategy Processes
Laura Raitio
, Partner, Boardman

  • The co-operation and roles of the Board, the Chair of the Board, CEO and the Management Team
  • Co-operation of the Board of Directors and Management in strategy process and execution

Board Work Development and Assessments
Laura Raitio
, Partner, Boardman

  • Board compositions
  • Board assessments

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