ESG Guide for Boards and Management

ESG Guide for Boards and Management

In recent years, the concept of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors has gained significant traction across industries worldwide. With sustainability becoming a critical concern and regulatory pressures mounting, it is essential for boards of directors and management teams to understand and navigate the complex landscape of ESG.

Boardman, in collaboration with Futurice and PwC, launched an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Guide for Board and Management.

The guide is designed to assist directors and management teams of listed, large, and mid-sized companies in understanding the significance of sustainability as a strategic imperative.

By disseminating the guide’s valuable insights and real-life examples, Boardman aims to contribute to the broader adoption of sustainable and responsible business practices across various industries.

To access the ESG Guide for Boards and Management and gain valuable insights into sustainability and ESG, interested parties can download the guide from the provided link.

Read the ESG Guide for Board and Management here!

The authors of the ESG guide include Aija Bärlund, Chair of Sustainability Forum at Boardman; Sebi Tauciuc, Responsibility Lead at Futurice Finland; Karin Juslin, Director of ESG Reporting and Assurance at PwC Finland; Riku Valtasola, Managing Director at Futurice Finland; and Tiina Puukkoniemi, Partner and ESG Reporting & Assurance Services Leader at PwC Finland.


Authors of the guide: Aija Bärlund, Sebi Tauciuc, Karin Juslin, Riku Valtasola, and Tiina Puukkoniemi.


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