About us

Boardman competence network

Boardman is an attractive think tank and competence network that plays a key role in developing and raising the level of expertise in ownership, board work and management (the OBM chain), as well as networking among decision-makers.

At the core of our operations is the collaboration and growth mindset of owners, boards and management. Boardman’s goal is to support owners, board members and management teams in their mutual collaboration and decision-making processes.

We create and share new knowledge to support the collaboration and decision-making of owners, boards and management teams. Our network includes business owners, board members and executives.

Cornerstones of our activities

Partners and network members form a committed community aligned with Boardman’s mission in which everyone contributes their expertise to joint member and development forums to develop and share new knowledge.

Boardman organizes events and training, supports research, produces publications and creates assessment tools to support the decision-making of business owners, boards and executives.


The Boardman network is managed by Boardman Ltd., owned by over 60 partners. All partners have extensive and diverse experience in company ownership, board work, business management as well as in academic research in Finland and abroad. They are qualified chairmen and/or members of corporate boards.

New partners are always approved by the Board of Directors, and the partners agree on the principles of activity ethics set by Boardman.


Boardman has four active Competence Company Partners that bring additional value and specialist viewpoints:

Futurice: Digitalization

PwC: Financial control

Roschier: Legal practices

VARMA: Ownership and investment competencies

Boardman Grow network is a not-for-profit network focusing on board performance and entrepreneurship in growth companies. Boardman Grow organizes popular public events and is an active network of like-minded, passionate entrepreneurs and young leaders.

Boardman Grow has a network of active growth entrepreneurs, with whom they organize monthly round table discussions exclusively on topics that are vital and significant for growth companies. The members of Boardman Grow share experiences and practices of their business success’ and challenges, and aim to develop competence and added value through board work in growth companies.

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Boardman AlumnI network is comprised of the individuals who have finished Boardman’s training program and who want to further develop their skills and remain active within the network.

The Boardman Alumni Board prepares a special program for each year with a mutually agreed upon theme, under which discussion and networking events are organised.

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Boardman Advisors is a group of business leaders who are no longer active in day-to-day business operations. Boardman Advisors operate on a “pro bono” basis: they offer their knowledge to young entrepreneurs, promote senior entrepreneurship and promote ways to make municipal management and ownership more efficient and sustainable.


The Management Reasearch Network, established in 1949, joined Boardman network in 2008.

The group gathers together the academic world, decision makers and business leaders to discuss relevant societal matters in a Round Table conversation format. The group organises 4-6 events a year.


Competence & Development Forums are closed discussion forums, which gather several times a year to discuss current topics according to the forums interests. In most cases Chatham House Rules apply during the sessions. Each Competence Forum is run by a Boardman Partner. Current active forums are:

  • Ownership and Board Work in Listed Companies
  • Cooperation Between Chairman and CEO
  • Leadership in the Era of Digitalization
  • Ownership Competence
  • Experienced and Agile Corporate Culture and Leadership