Boardman has a broad network of partners, owners, entrepreneurs, board members, business management and other business stakeholders. Our members share their knowledge and experience without any form of compensation, with the aim of continuous learning and improvement in the process.

We organize different types of round table, seminar and networking events and trainings, support research activities and projects, publish publications and offer evaluation tools that develop and improve processes, co-operation and communication within the organisations decision-making chain – owner – board – management.

All Boardman parties co-operate and focus on

  • improving the quality and results achieved by boards and management,
  • developing extensive know-how of board work and ownership and
  • improving the assessment of boards and management in Finland.

The Boardman network consists of business leaders from institutional companies, listed companies, large corporations, family-owned enterprises, growth companies and start-ups.

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Boardman organizes seminars and forums for a wider audience on a monthly basis. These focus on promoting ownership, board work, management and good corporate governance in Finland.

Examples of our seminars and forums include:

  • Boardman Grow PechaKucha
  • Growth Board
  • Finance Board
  • Independence Day Gala
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Unique excursions to trending business locations around the world, including Silicon Valley and Hong Kong.

The excursion typically includes company visits to Finnish companies, local growth companies and global corporations. Via seminars, events, round table discussions and soirees, voyagers expand their knowledge and meet local entrepreneurs, influential business leaders and have the chance to create important connections.

Aside from corporations, the excursion takes a route through universities and research centers, and gives the opportunity to familiarize excursionists with start up – accelerators and other funding possibilities.

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Corporate Governance and Board Work in Finland -training is an intensive and interactive course that can be attended online from your preferred location. During the training modules the attendees can discuss, challenge, and deepen their information about Nordic corporate governance and board work as well as on cooperation practices between the board and management. The course offers also a great opportunity to network with other board professionals in Finland.

The lecturers are top-level specialists of their field with wide experience and know-how on board work and managing variety of large and midsized companies operating internationally.

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Boardman’sĀ  digital evaluation tools improve the work of owner-board-management chain. Board assessments options offered by Boardman:

  • Board Mapping ā€“ Board assessment
  • Board Value Mapping ā€“ Board and management company assessment
  • Owners-Board-Management ā€“ assessment
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Over the years our network has produced more than 20 books and themed publications on present-day business issues, such as rewarding management, ownership competencies and diversity in corporate boards.

Today, Boardman produces mostly compact reports, mind maps and checklists for company managements and boards to utilize in their daily work.

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