Resilience and Renewal: Insights for Owners, Board Members, and Management

Resilience and Renewal: Insights for Owners, Board Members, and Management

In the dynamic landscape of today’s business world, navigating uncertainties and fostering resilience are critical aspects of success.

The recent Boardman Alumni event, held in collaboration with PwC, brought together experienced speakers to delve into the themes of resilience and renewal from multiple perspectives—company structures, organizational dynamics, and individual growth. Lauri Kallaskari, Partner at PwC, moderated the event.



One of the highlights of the event was the presentation by Tiina Neuvonen, an international development innovation professional with a wealth of experience at the United Nations.

As the Strategic Foresight Lead at the UN Global Pulse, Neuvonen shared valuable insights into catalyzing organizational transformation and building resilience by incorporating foresight and futures thinking into the UN system’s workings.



Her global perspective offered a unique lens through which attendees could view their own challenges and opportunities.

Adding a practical business dimension to the discussion, Michael Hardy, a Deals and Restructuring Partner at PwC, provided essential insights into succeeding in uncertainty and ensuring business resilience.



Hardy offered a strategic perspective on navigating complex business landscapes. Throughout the event, participants actively engaged in discussions on warning signs of distress and core principles applied to businesses in distress.

The event also featured Resilience Coach Ulrika Björkstam, GoodCo Oy, who shared her expertise in helping individuals become more resilient.



Working at the intersection of coaching and futures thinking, Björkstam emphasized the importance of combining these disciplines to coach individuals to lead better lives in the present while creating a desired future.

Her insights provided a personal touch to the broader discussions on organizational resilience.



The central theme revolved around building organizational resilience, with participants sharing thoughts on encouraging people, helping them understand the relevance of resilience, and fostering a sense of meaningful action.

Leadership strategies emerged as a crucial aspect of resilience, with participants highlighting the need for fostering collaboration, connection, continuous learning, and curiosity.



Empowering people and building a community where failure is accepted were key elements discussed during the event.

The emphasis was on creating a culture where individuals reflect on what they have learned from failure and how they can use those lessons to grow and adapt.



The importance of empathy and compassion in both personal and professional contexts was underscored as integral components of resilience.

The event concluded by reminding participants that change is constant, and resilience is about facing change, surviving, bouncing back, tackling everyday challenges, and reaching forward.



For owners, board members, and management looking to enhance their understanding of resilience and renewal, events like the Boardman Alumni provide a unique platform.

The interactive nature of these discussions, coupled with insights from industry experts, serves as a compelling invitation for new members to join the network and gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experiences that can shape the future success of their organizations.



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