Boardman assessments

Are you interested in improving your organization’s board work and the effectiveness of your Ownership-Board-Management (OBM) decision-making chain?

Boardman assessments are based on the OBM framework, and we offer various assessments to support the work of owners, boards and management teams.

Boardman has a clear and well-developed methodology for conducting assessments that has been applied already in hundreds of assessments.

Read more about the assessments we offer below. If you have any questions regarding assessments, please contact Hanna-Mari Aula.

Assessments offered by Boardman

A self-assessment is a handy tool for evaluating the board’s own performance and developing working methods. A Boardman expert can assist with interpreting and utilizing the results.

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A board assessment serves as a tool for systematically improving and renewing board work. Comprehensive analysis provides recommendations on the effectiveness and added value of the board for the operational management of the company.

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A situation assessment supports the formation of a shared situational understanding between the board and management, as well as the development of their collaboration. The assessment is particularly when goin through changes and as part of the strategy process.

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A decision-making assessment is a tool for evaluating the competence, alignment of intentions and balance of power in the Ownership-Board-Management (OBM) decision-making chain.

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