Board Assessment

Board Assessments

A board assessment serves as a tool for systematically improving and renewing board work.

The assessment also helps in preventing potential problem situations and provides recommendations on what areas to pay attention to in the future, as well as how to further develop board work. A board assessment:

  • Provides the board with a common understanding of the current situation of the company and board work
  • Helps to identify development and competence needs of the board
  • Highlights differing opinions within the board
  • Brings hidden problems to the attention of the board for discussion
  • Offers recommendations for development measures


The board assessment includes a self-assessment by the board, interviews with board members and the CEO conducted by Boardman’s experts, and a facilitated session for discussing the results. Written reports are also provided.

The interviews are confidential and reflect on the results of the self-assessment. Any other issues that may arise can also be discussed.

Board assessments are suitable for all types of organizations: companies, public sector organizations, and third sector organizations.


Further information and inquiries

Hanna-Mari Aula
Director of Assessment Services
+358 40 585 6466