Kati Sulin

Kati Sulin

Boardman partner

Kati Sulin


Kati Sulin has led digital transformation across various industries, revitalized processes through agile methods and built self-directed teams. With over fifteen years of experience in digital business leadership roles in healthcare, food industry, telecommunications, and consulting, Sulin has been responsible for areas such as e-commerce, brand and data-driven customer experience development, and the creation of new omnichannel business models.

She has also served in board positions and as an advisor for several years, both in listed companies and small- to medium-sized growth companies. Currently, Sulin serves on the boards of LocalTapiola Mutual Life Insurance Company, Apetit Oyj, and Viestimedia.


  • Digital transformation and strategy
  • Data-driven business development and new business models
  • Brand strategy and differentiation management
  • Customer experience management
  • Implementation and utilization of OKR (Objectives and Key Results) goal-setting framework
  • Adoption of agile methods in established business environments
  • Human-centered service design in both internal and external processes

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