Markku Pohjola

Markku Pohjola

Boardman partner

Markku Pohjola

Professional history and Board experience

M.Sc. (Economics, 1971) Markku Pohjola operated in several executive positions in Nordea and its predecessor banks Merita-Nordbanken, Merita and the Union Bank of Finland in 1972-2008. He managed the subsidiary bank of the Union Bank in Luxemburg, worked in the management the Union Bank’s administration and finances and managed Merita’s retail banking. In Nordea he operated in the executive level on entreprise and community services, concern production and technology, and operated as Nordea’s Vice Precident and Group CEO and the CEO in Nordea Finland. Pohjola is also an active entrepreneur in agriculture.

Pohjola has participated in board work as Chairman and as board member for over 20 years. He’s gained experience in Nordea and its predecessors, in many privately held and publicly listed companies as well as in business organizations and non-profit funds. He’s most recent board memberships have been in OMX AB Plc, Municipality Finance Plc, Onvest Ltd, Tieto Plc, Finnvera and Koskitukki Ltd.

Activities in Boardman

  • Member of the Board, Boardman, 2021-2024
  • Chairman of the Development Forum “Ownership and Board Work in Listed Companies”, 2012-2015
  • Member of the Development Group “Ownership Competence”, 2017-
  • Publications: Johdon palkitseminen (‘Management Compensation’, 2011)


  • Financial market
  • Managing service business
  • Change management
  • Rewarding systems for management

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