Jaana Rosendahl

Jaana Rosendahl

Boardman partner

Jaana Rosendahl

Professional history and board experience

I have a M. Sc. Degree in Engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology (nowadays Aalto University), where I studied energy economy and industrial engineering. Throughout my career, 30 years, I have focused in customer development, branding, digitalisation and marketing within the theme of “From industrial engineering towards customer economy”. I have worked in several industries, first in the in the energy industry at Fortum, to the bank Aktio and media company A-lehdet to the finance industry. My most recent day job has been eight years in the service of Taaleri (formerly Taaleritehdas) building it from a five-person team to a two-hundred people exchange-listed finance company.

For the last six years, I have worked on various boards, from listed companies to start-ups, as a mentor and customer finance expert. However, my main project at the moment is a PhD thesis at LUT University on “Strategic renewal in business by pivoting the dominant logic of the firm”. As a board member, I have continued to work for Reflector, an IT growth company.

Activities in Boardman

  • Boardman Alumni and Member of the Alumni Board, 2014
  • President of the Alumni Board 2019-2022
  • LJT and LJT Research Group
  • Member of the Board of Boardman Ltd 2020-2022
  • Chair of the Customer Experience Development Group
  • Involved in Boardman’s board training


My expertise is developing customer-centric companies: turning companies towards customer-centricity and how to think and develop the operations from the outside, how build the culture and brand in a customer-friendly way. Digitalisation has been a part of all of this since the new millenia. My focus is more and more in management: what does managing a customer-centric company mean? What must change within the leadership and the infrastructure of the company, so that renewal can be possible? Is the whole chain of command from the owners and board to the CEO behind the shared agenda?

“A company can achieve only what its’ leaders can imagine. Why not imagine more?”

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