Mikko Haapanen

Mikko Haapanen

Boardman Partner, Founding Member, Honorary Chairman

Mikko Haapanen

Professional history and Board Experience

Mikko Haapanen is one of the Founding Members of Boardman Oy. He served as a Chairman of Boardman’s Board for the first 14 years, and in 2016, he was appointed as an Honorary Chairman of Boardman.

For more than 30 years, Haapanen has been participating in board work within several companies. He has helped companies to develop their ownership and the linkage between the owners, board and management (OBM-chain) as an external expert, board member and chairman.

Haapanen plays an active role in Boardman’s owners, board and management –assessments (OBM-assessments) and in the development of those. His special knowledge is on family-owned businesses, and in recent years, he has done over 20 Boardman’s OBM-evaluations. Haapanen has also co-written a book of OBM-chain that was published in May 2022.

During his life, Haapanen has participated in writing 15 of books on management, published dozens of articles and organized several seminars.

Haapanen graduated from the Helsinki University of Technology in 1974, and he has over 40 years of experience in management and expert positions. He has also worked for 17 years as a lector in logistics at the Helsinki University of Technology.

In 2002, he was selected a logistician of the year in Finland, and he acted as the main organizer of the Logistic World Congress (ICL 97) in Helsinki.

Haapanen founded and has managed the consulting company ELC Finland Oy (former MH-Konsultit Oy). At the moment, he serves as a Chairman of the Board in Kaupmees Gorup and Peltitarvike Oy, and as a Board Member in HRX Express and Vepe Oy.

Activities in Boardman

  • Founding Member of Boardman Oy
  • Honorary Chairman of Boardman 2016–
  • Chairman of the Board, Boardman Oy 2002–2016
  • Chaiman of the Development Forum “Ownership Competence”, 2017–2021
  • Member of the Development Forum “Ownership and Board Work in Listed Companies”, 2011–2016
  • Member of the Nomination Committee, Boardman Ltd. 2002– 2003, 2018–
  • Chairman of the Boardman Seniors (nowadays Advisors), 2013
  • Ownership and Board Work -training 2003–
  • Speaker of “Ownership and Board work” training program 2021–
  • Publications:
    • OHJ – Omistajien, hallituksen ja Johdon yhteistyö, osaaminen ja vallankäyttö (“OBM – Cooperation, competence and exercise of power between the owners, the board and management”, 2022),
    • Johdon palkitseminen (“Compensation of Management”, 2011),
    • Vallan tasapaino (“The balance of power”, 2010),
    • Tarkastusvaliokunnan rooli ja tehtävät (“The role and duties of the Audit Committee”, 2010),
    • Hallitus vai toimitusjohtaja (“Board or CEO”, 2007),
    • Hallitus – Omistajan asialla, johdon tukena (“Board – presenting the Owners, supporting the Management”, 2002).


  • Knowledge of OBM (owners–board–management)
  • Evaluation and development of ownership, board work and OBM-cooperation
  • Board work and its development
  • OBM-training
  • Network strategies and network leadership
  • Logistics sector
  • Agriculture and forestry

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