Rasmus Nybergh

Rasmus Nybergh

Boardman Partner, Member of the Board

Rasmus Nybergh

professional history and board experience

Rasmus Nybergh has experience in technology development, modern marketing, and utilizing artificial intelligence. He has, among other things, founded a company specializing in sales and marketing consulting, served in the executive team of a marketing group (Avidly), coached hundreds of leaders, and mentored growth companies. Nybergh is a Partner at Boardman and an advocate for entrepreneurship, who enjoys work at the intersection of technology and customer engagement.

Nybergh founded and grew the coaching company Creo Consulting, establishing it as a pioneer in B2B sales and marketing. Creo was sold to a Finnish publicly listed company in 2012. Additionally, Nybergh has been involved in the founding of several different growth companies.

Currently, Nybergh works at Bravedo, focusing on technology-driven companies, where he concentrates on product management as well as developing technology, strategy, and board work within businesses.

Nybergh is known as an active networker, an inspiring speaker, and a promoter of entrepreneurship. He is actively involved in multiple organizations and serves on company boards. Continuous growth and learning are a way of life for him, which he shares forward as a mentor and coach.

Active roles in Boardman


  • Board work in growth companies
  • Sales and marketing
  • Digital business models
  • SaaS companies
  • Product management

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