Tommi Rasila

Tommi Rasila

Boardman partner

Tommi Rasila

Professional history and Board experience

Tommi Rasila has served in over 40 positions in a variety of companies and organizations in different roles on the boards as well as on both sides of the table: In addition to his actual board work, he is an active board developer and trainer. In his view, there is no one right way for the board to work, but it will continue to evolve and meet the challenges the company faces.

Tommi Rasila founded his first company at age 17. Since then, he has founded, led and owned several companies, such as Nokia’s Brewery Ltd (formerly Pirkanmaa New Brewery – PUP Ltd.) Jetico Ltd and Sample Rate Systems Ltd., which was at the time sold to the world’s second largest electronics contract manufacturer Flextronics (Nasdaq: FLEX) between the second venture capital round.

Rasila also has experience in business and industry lobbying work in management positions, having been in a upper management position within the Chambers of Commerce organization between 2004-14, first as President and CEO of the Tampere Chamber of Commerce President, and later Executive Vice President of the Central Chamber of Commerce. He played a key role in the development of the Approved Member of the Board, ie HHJ –training program and is one of the authors of the books used in the course.

Currently, Tommi Rasila is working at the aerospace startup he founded, NorthBase Oy, doing and training board work. He is a DI in Industrial Economics and a PhD in Technology.


  • Startups and companies in change
  • Digitalization, new technologies and business models
  • Productization and processes
  • Social influence
  • Information security