Boardman Alumni

Boardman Alumni

Boardman Alumni network is comprised of the individuals who have finished our “Ownership and Board Work” (in Finnish) or “CG and Board Work” training programmes and who want to further develop their skills and remain active within the network.

Boardman Alumni network builds business connections, organizes events on current topics and serves as a platform for sharing best knowhow and tips.

Boardman Alumni event at autumn 2022.

Alumni network provides the long-term value by giving alumni members a chance to stay in contact and continue to learn from each other long after they have finished the training.

The Boardman Alumni Board prepares a special program for each year with a mutually agreed theme, under which discussion and networking events are organized.

As Boardman Alumni member you will get access to Boardman Alumni and Boardman Grow events. Boardman Grow is an active networker of like-minded, passionate entrepreneurs and young leaders. The network organizes popular public seminars, excursions and other events.

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Boardman Alumni Board

Boardman Alumni Board, which consists of 7 members and a chairman, is responsible for planning the activities of the Boardman Alumni network and organizing events. The board has a secretary on behalf of the Boardman network.

Mirel Leino-Haltia operates as chairman of the board and Taina Brandstack as a secretary.

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Carmen Ene, Jorma Eloranta, Philip Aminoff and Mikael Silvennoinen discussed about CEO selections at the Boardman Alumni event. The webinar was hosted by Mirel Leino-Haltia, Chairman of the Boardman Alumni. Watch the recording here!


At the Boardman’s event “Shaping company cultures during unprecedented times: remote culture change” Clarissa Hack from SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa and Samuli Savo from Stora Enso shared their experiences about what they have learned from driving cultural transformation forward during COVID-19 to ensure renewal and growth. Eeva Raita, Head of Strategy & Culture for Futurice moderated the event. Read the article about the event here!

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